Who Are You Guys

In our rawest form we are online marketers who want to teach others to be the best marketers that they can be either online or offline. We're the guys who have put an enormous amount of time, money and effort into honing our craft and over the years we've learned that it's not a special type of person that can market online, but rather it's a special mindset and a select group of skills that can all be taught.

Our products are all tested for their application to the marketplace now. We are always testing what's working now in the marketplace and pride ourselves in bringing you the best of the best.

Simply put, our purpose is to help and serve people through the value we provide in superior products and services that aid in the enrichment of peoples lives.


Really? You tell me all of that and then you throw in a disclaimer?

Yup, we're not above the law and we know that somewhere along the way either in a webinar or an email or some other form of communication you may actually hear us talk about money and how much money can be made. Well frankly, a whole lot of money can be made marketing online. So time for the disclaimer. See, we don't know you. We don't know how hard you're going to work. We don't know how much you're going to take what you're taught to heart. We don't know how well you follow directions. We can only assume that you're a bright articulate person who can follow training and actually do what's required to make progress and make the training come alive. However, we cannot and will not guarantee that you're going to make any money at all. Be assured though that the trainings that we provide, either ourselves or through third parties, are the most up to date and relevant to the industry to date that we can find.

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Did you know that our founder was on the internet before there was an internet!

Say Wha....

I think you need to proofread this stuff

It's true, before the internet there were individual bulletin board systems out there and our founder actually ran one of those that people could dial into and find information or upload or download software or data, read news, bulletins, and exchange messages with other users through email and public message boards. Bulletin board systems were really the beginning of the internet for the private sector and allowed people to do much of the same things that we do today in a very rudimentary way.

Ok, so why are you telling me all this?

Basically, to give you an understanding of where we come from. We're not what you're likely to find much out there on the internet. We've come from a long history of marketing both on and off the internet and didn't just read a book and decide to put up a website. Aside from marketing for over 30 years, our founder has been involved with the other side of the internet and is a respected leader in the information technology field. This unique understanding of the field not only gives him an advantage, but will work to your benefit through his ability to pass that knowledge to you and give you a unique edge in marketing in your chosen niche.